The 10 Commandments for Fashionpreneur Dropshippers

Think you have the right fashion sense to use it to develop a business line around it?

Your good taste can take you a long way.

You can make it happen. Here are the 10 most important things to know when planning to become a fashionpreneur:

Love is a Verb

A work of passion is always better and more successful than a work of compulsion. So, you should target a niche that you are passionate about. Find your niche and you will sell your products well and love everything about them.

Build Your Brand

Building a brand takes time but it is very important. You want to be the crème de la crème of your niche. So, your brand must be top-notch as well. Use social media to build a buzz around your products and watch those sales figures skyrocket.

Presentation in Paramount

What looks good, also sells well. Beautify your products with the perfect pictures. Have the supplier hire a pro photographer to ensure excellent presentation. A picture is worth a thousand words and yours need to look absolutely stunning.

Work With Quality Suppliers

Before you launch your business or at least, take it to the next level, ensure your supplier is reliable. Better yet, get multiple reliable suppliers so your supply lines are solid. Also, make sure you only supply quality products, even if at a lower short-term profit. This will be of great benefit to you in the long-run.


Fashion trends and preferences keep changing. When your business becomes big enough, you will not have time to handle each order individually. Better to choose a drop shipping app that can handle orders for you.

Have a Sound Returns Policy

Sometimes a customer may not like the product they get. In that case, they may ask you for a return. Make sure doing that is easy. Ask them what they didn’t like and if there is a way to remedy the situation. If not, just give them a refund. This will create a professional image for you as well as promote your store as reliable and customer-friendly.

Track Your Shipments

Tracking shipments and ensuring customers get them is essential for long-term business development. So, if you need to pay more for that service, do it without a second thought. The fact that you took the trouble to track the shipment for the customer will have you come off as a reliable dropshipper and double your business in the long-run.


Doing it all alone might seem exciting but it is impractical. Find a partner and divide the workload. Two heads are better than one and by sharing the load you get the added security you will need. While it’s not always necessary to have a partner, having one can make things easier.


Go to eCommerce seminars and workshops. You will get to learn about your trade and make contacts that might prove helpful. Learning the tricks of the trade from pros will give you the confidence to develop your business better.

Try Multiple Platforms

Different ecommerce platforms will provide different facilities. Try out a bunch of them before you decide what works best for you and your business. This decent exposure will also tell you the possibilities and risks associated with each platform.

Dropshipping can be a very rewarding venture, especially for fashionpreneurs. If you love fashion and want to make a business out of it, there are many ways to do that. However, choosing the right way will take time, trial, and patience. Keep this list of commandments in mind and you will find it easier to be successful in your dropshipping venture.