Knawat vs. AliExpress – Which One is Better?

Dropshipping is becoming a major force in online retail.

MANY eCommerce enthusiasts and online retailers are opening up to it. But as with any new business, there are some challenges. The biggest one is the reliability of the supplier. If you can’t trust your supplier, then how can you assure your customers that their products are going to be worth the money?

You can’t!

This is the major problem with dropshippers like AliExpress. This is where Knawat wins over all others.

You can read the reviews left by actual AliExpress users on websites like Sitejabber and They expose how awful the customer service of AliExpress really is. Here are some of these reviews:

Horrible. Took forever to received and the item wasn’t as described. I will not purchase from this site again.

Frances F.

No human to speak to, issues are never resolved and full refunds are never applied. Delivery dates keep getting extended. Sellers expect Canadians to just walk into any post office find their parcel waiting for them. NOT !!!Terrible !!!!!

Anisha F.

Aliexpress getting worse. Price increases and free shipping disappear. Now I bought it very seldom. Sad; but it is. Coins of Aliexpress are useless. I can’t recommend this store.

Vova P.

It tangles and sheds the quality of the hair I received was an awful mess. It doesn’t hold curls very stringy and after washing its a tangled mess. It took a very long time for them to even ship the hair out will never order for Ali Express again

Brenda B.

How Does Knawat Verify Supplier Reliability?

Unlike many other dropshipping platforms, Knawat follows a very strict policy for selecting anew candidate for our chosen pool of Knawat-certified suppliers. Among the many criteria, some are:

  1. All suppliers must be authenticated and be ready to sell at or under wholesale prices.
  2. All suppliers must have an active website and mail Id where they can be reached in case of problems.
  3. All suppliers must list out their contact information and be readily available to respond through them.
  4. All suppliers must provide quality-checked Turkish products at par with the standards set by Knawat.

So, whenever you begin dropshipping with Knawat, you can rest assured of the quality and reliability of not just the product but also the supplier. This is one of the many reasons why Knawat has taken the drop shipping industry by storm and is continually adding to its impressive roster of products.

Major Differences between Knawat and AliExpress

The biggest benefit for any Knawat dropshipper is the authenticity of suppliers. Everyone knows that Chinese suppliers cannot be trusted. In contrast, Knawat offers ONLY authenticated suppliers who follow the strict screening protocol for working with Knawat.

Knawat not only ensures that suppliers and their products are verified but also that they are able to continually provide high-quality products to meet the demands of our dropshippers. We understand that you need excellence from our end to excel in your own drop shipping business.

That is why we also undertake periodic checks with our suppliers to make sure they can be relied on. Knawat also asks them to produce sample products so their quality and authenticity can be verified.


When it comes to high-quality fashion products, there is no better source online than Knawat. With a host of checks and confirmations, we provide dropshippers around the world the best opportunity to enhance their business. Sign up for Knawat today and watch your business expand exponentially!