Knawat vs Oberlo: Which is Best for You?

You can start a shop with thousands of products in no time and very little investment. It’s no doubt that dropshipping is becoming really popular.

As more and more people are realizing the massive profitability of dropshipping, various companies have started launching their own application to facilitate the entrepreneurial ambitions of all would-be dropshipping tycoons.

The Big Boys of Dropshipping

Among these applications, some of the most well-known are Oberlo, Dropified, and others. While they certainly do provide a very important service and have carved a niche for themselves, questions have been raised on the quality of their products and the steep pricing that they sell their products and services at.

The Young Bloods

This has led to the new players entering the market, trying to topple these industry leaders.

One of these new players is the highly reviewed app called Knawat, from turkey with love.

This Turkish application has been making BIG waves in the dropshipping industry for its quality products and wide market potential.

But since not many people have heard of this new web app yet, it still remains in the shadows of the industry leaders. So in the interests of dropshippers all over the world, we thought we should highlight some of its best features and draw a comparison with other major players in the industry.

If you want to know how Knawat can help your dropshipping enterprise skyrocket, read on.

Product Source

The first thing that must be said about Knawat is that it provides 100% authentic Turkish products, while most other dropshipping apps deliver mainly Chinese items.

Product Quality

All Knawat products are quality tested before being shipped. They conform to pre-set standards. Since other dropshipping apps buy from Chinese suppliers, their quality always varies. This is obviously not good when you are trying to build a market reputation.

E-commerce Support

Signing up for Knawat automatically gets you access to major eCommerce platforms like Woocommerce, Shopify, and Magento. If you want to access more, you have the option to add more eCommerce platforms. In contrast, most other dropshipping software like Oberlo are only compatible with Shopify. So Knawat subscribers enjoy a distinct advantage here.

Starter Packs

This one is a no-contest. Knawat offers their subscribers 3 months of free usage, while others only offer a minimum duration during which, most of their services are not applicable anyway. In those 3 months, you can actually setup a sizeable dropshipping concern. So Knawat is MORE client-friendly.


With Knawat, you don’t have to worry about uploading the best products to your store. The app automatically does that for you. The same goes for orders as well. In others, you have to keep track of the bestsellers, update your store, and even queue up to place the orders to have them delivered. Clearly, Knawat is the better choice here as well.

Additional Features

All Knawat product descriptions and pictures are of the HIGHEST quality to attract more customers. Their descriptions are also available in 4 languages, so the market reach is immense. In comparison, most other dropshipping apps only come in English and have very-low resolution photos which are hardly enticing to potential customers.

Going by the comparison, Knawat is a much better option for the discerning dropshipper looking to make a sizeable business by providing quality products to customers.

If this sounds like you, then we suggest you get Knawat and start enjoying all the benefits that this app has to offer to you and your business.