Dropshipping has achieved liftoff around the world.

It is the IN thing with fashion entrepreneurs and is quickly becoming the preferred medium of doing business all over the globe.

While the market is young, there are already several key players making headlines in the industry. Out of these, Knawat is the hot new favorite in the world of fashion dropshipping.


Because it offers MASSIVE benefits to dropshippers that other providers simply cannot match up to!

THIS is what we proudly boast about:

Fact #1

Quality Turkish Products Straight From Istanbul

Knawat is becoming more and more popular every day for helping ambitious entrepreneurs reach out to local traders in Turkey and buying their products on-demand!

NO OTHER platform in the world provides this service yet.

This means that if you use Knawat, you will be able to access authentic suppliers from Turkey and dropship their products straight to your clients.

NO need for searching out the right supplier

NO need for importing

NO need for maintaining inventory

NO need even for keeping track of the shipping process

Knawat will do ALL of that for you.

Fact #2

Huge Profit Margins

Knawat may not be the biggest drop shipping source in the world, but it is definitely among the best.

By providing customers with a ready source of suppliers offering authentic Turkish products, Knawat gives entrepreneurs the chance to minimize expenses and maximize profits.

So, while the average dropshipper may sell more products and earn less, you will definitely earn MORE from sales.

Reason? People who want elite fashion products are very quality-conscious and will LOVE your store.

Also, since Knawat takes care of all the ordering, shipping, and delivery processes for you, all you really need to do is grow your business and attract more clients.

Fact #3

No Sources Are Revealed

The major problem with other dropshipping companies is that they reveal the source from where the product has been purchased.

Naturally, when the customer gets to know that, they will try to buy the product straight from the source. This means they have no use for your services anymore.

But with Knawat, the source remains completely hidden. So, clients who want to buy more products from you (and they will) must contact you again to fulfill their needs.

Fact #4

Reach International Markets With Knawat’s Many Languages

Knawat has options for four international languages – English, French, Turkish and Arabic. So, you can sell almost anywhere you want.

Tap into the European, American, and Canadian markets with English and French. Make inroads into the Middle-East markets with Arabic and Turkish. Wherever you want to sell, Knawat can pave the way!

With so many benefits, it is easy to see why the more enterprising entrepreneurs are opting for Knawat. You can make your dropshipping business boom as well by taking up the service. Simply sign up with Knawat and start the process of becoming a dropshipping tycoon today.