*Try Knawat free for 14 days.
No risk, and no credit card required.


*Try Knawat free for 14 days.
No risk, and no credit card required.
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What is Knawat role?

Knawat offering its customers the service of providing, storing and shipping products to all over of the world.

Does Knawat offer it's service free of fees?

Knawat service will be 100% free in 2017 but in 2018 these services will be for a fee of between $ 100 to $ 300 per month.

Does Knawat have the ownership of these products?

Knawat do not own these products, but contracts with companies that need to market their products according to a mechanism of work so that the products are available in channels stores.

Does Knawat hold the brands of these products?

Knawat do not hold the brands of these products, but they are gathered from Turkish companies who owns the brand name.

What are these products offered by knawat?

Currently, it offers all types of Turkish clothing that match fashion, accessories and household items. In the future, it will provide Chinese, European and Arabic products.

What is the quality of these products?

Knawat offers high-quality Turkish products  in line with stricted quality standards.

What is the payment mechanism for Knawat subscribers?

Payment is made by credit card.

If I do not have a credit card, how do I receive my dues?

We direct you to a credit card provider to open an account to transfer your entitlements to it. In the event of difficulty opening the account, your dues will be sent through the bank transfer.

How will the shipping process be?

The products are shipped from Knawat warehouse or Turkish company warehouse to the buyer.

Who will ship the products?

Knawat’s partner hold responsibility for shipping products to all over the world.

What is the shipping cost rate?

Vary from one country to another.

Are the courses provided only once?

No. it’s continuous to upgrade the subscriber performance.

Are the courses free?

Many of them are free and some specialized courses are paid for those wishing to enroll.

Who is involved in these courses?

All the subscribers of Knawat.

How much is my profit percentage generated from selling the products?

You determine the percentage of your earnings when you register.

Can I determine the percentage of profits by category?

Currently no, but soon you will be allowed to adjust the profit rate for each category from an edit list.

How much does it cost to start this project?

You can view the subscription list.

Is there a technical support for the site?


Can I add or change properties to my site?

Yes, you can do it yourself for free or via paid technical support by knawat’s partners.

Are these stores owned by Knawat ?

This service is provided by a partner of Knawat’s partners at special rates for Knawat subscribers.

What is the product return policy?

You can review product return policy.

Who will be responsible for the return of the product and its cost if the product is damaged?

Knawat is responsible for product return.

Who bears the cost of shipping the product in case it is damaged?

If the product is damaged in the first place,knawat holds the responsibility of returning  the product and bear the cost of shipping. If the product is damaged due to the buyer’s misuse, the e-shop owner will bear the cost of shipping if he agrees to return the product.

What is the time span for displaying Knawat's products on my e-store?

Sometimes hours and sometimes more depending on the speed of servers and the quantity of products being synchronized.

If products on my e-store have not been sold for a long time, what is the procedure?

Nothing happen so no need to worry as Kawat always updating existing products and pulling out expired products.

Can I choose the products that will be displayed on my e-store?

Currently no, but Knawat is working on this option in the future.

What are the consequences of my withdrawal from this project?


How long is the contract?

Not Limited.

Does Products arrive to my e-store ready for selling or they need modifications?

Ready for display directly on your e-store.

How do I receive my profits from selling the products?

Knawat sends your profits monthly by credit card or paypal or bank transfer according to the options available in your country.

What are the costs I bear if the customer returned or replaced the product?

Shipping costs.

Do you get full monthly profits?

Dividends are presented as follows:I. If the orders are paid via cash on delivery, the profits received are the profits collected from the shipping companies.Ii. If the orders are paid by credit card or bank transfer, you will actually receive your profits and will only be charged with the cost of the products.Iii. If the payment done to Knawat bank account or via Knawat credit gateway, your earnings will be delivered monthly.Profit for the orders that still in the grace period to be retrieve by customers will be blocked ,After grace period is over the amount will be credited to your account.

How can i have my knawat account?

Through the access to the channels portal and making the payment through the existing payment methods.

Is there any specific work time?

No, this is your own business and your own project ,you can work it out as you want.

In case of an error occurred in the site and all products are deleted, what is the procedure?

Knawat will restore all your e-store content again

Are products fixed?

No, products are always fresh and new products are constantly being added.

How to start the business?

Apply to subscribe to the application form. You can access this link to subscribe

In which currency i receive my earnings?

USD or local currency equivalent in your country.

How long does it take the product to be delivered to the buyer?

Usually (3-7) working days and it may increase depending on the type of the product and the country

Do I get any discounts on product prices if I sell large quantities?

If there are special offers for this product you will get it.

What are the languages supported by my e-store ?

The language depends on the country and we have five languages available (Arabic, English, Turkish, French, Spanish)

When does my earnings start?

When your sales start.

Do I get my profits from selling products while I'm in training period?

Yes, you will receive your earnings from the first product you will sell on your site even though you are in the training period.

Is shipping available to all countries?

Yes, shipping is available to all countries of the world.

In case the buyer pays the amount of the products by credit card how to send the amount to Knawat?

By accessing your Knawat account and paying via available payment methods.

Am I obligated to display products in my shop in a particular currency?

No, but the main currency must be the dollar and you can add the currencies you want.

Can I add other products in my e-store?

Yes, in the case of a super subscription, and in the case of a golden subscription will be available after payment of the subscription amount.

Does Knawat guarantee that all products displayed in my e-store are 100% authentic?

Knawat deals only with companies manufacturing these products.

Can I market products outside the store?

You can market the products wherever you want offline or online.

How does the order will be shipped if it contains products from Knawat and other products sold by me?

The order will be treated as two orders with two different shipments, with Knawat  shipping their own products and you ship your products.

Can I store my products with knawat?

If you are a company or own these products, contact Knawat to submit your products and discuss the terms of product storage and display it in the rest of the stores only if  you are the official owner of this brand or products.

If the customer need to return the product, what are the policies for refunding the amount?

Knawat allow 3 days after delivery to the customer to retrieve the product note that the shipping costs will be store’s owner responsibility with no liability on Knawat  because it is a store’s customer and not Knawat customer.

Are my store customers also Knawat customers?

No, Knawat has nothing to do with your customers or communicate with them.

Can I keep track of the status of the order?

Your website is updated with the status of the order.

Can I reschedule the delivery date as per buyer request?

Can I reschedule the delivery date as per buyer request?

How the order will be delivered?

Knawat cooperate with international shipping companies (such as Aramex, DHL and others).

What is the currency used when a customer paying for his order ?

Depending on the currency of the store from which the order was purchased.

What are the terms of contract termination with Knawat?

There are no conditions.

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