How to Use Instagram for Marketing Your Dropshipping Business

Every dropshipper knows there is no better promotion for your products than through word-of-mouth.

But the question is how to get the word out?

The answer is simple. Use Instagram!

This social media has one of the biggest bases of daily users in the world. An estimated quarter of a billion use it daily and you can reach millions more by using it effectively. But you probably know that already.

What you probably don’t know is that Instagram has started providingmultiple platforms like galleries and stories. These can make your drop shipping business launch like none before and you can use them as one of your most effective social media marketing tools. Here’s how to start:

Create an Enticing Bio

This is the first thing you should do on your Instagram. If you post engaging Instagram stories, the people who see them will want to know more. You want to greet them with a full and fantastic bio that they can’t get enough of.

Talk about your store, your specialties, and give contact info so that they can reach out to you. The secret lies in engaging with them. Keep them entertained and they will be back for more.

Hash it Up

A hashtag is a simple yet EFFECTIVE way of highlighting your store and drawing online traffic to it. If you do it well enough, your hashtag can become an Instagram phenomenon.

Choose a catchy hashtag and add it to every Instagram story you publish. Make sure not to litter your pictures with too many – That puts some people off.

Keeping Up with the Kool

Instagram stories are all about what is happening now. Though you can use older reposts, we recommend talking about the latest happenings. Make posts every day that are in line with what is trending. If you want to sell well, you have to learn to ride the tide.

For example, look at the movies that are being hyped and see if you can use their popularity for your own marketing needs.


This is exactly what it sounds like. Once your drop shipping business takes off, you will have no time to handle Instagram stories yourself. It’s best to choose a plugin that does the work for you. There are plenty of them out there. Just make sure the one you choose can handle all social media channels. ex. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest too.

Tell the Story

This is where you have to be really creative. A story is not going to last long enough for long-term engagement. But on the short-run, you can use it to create a big buzz around your business.

Also, you can use theInstagram galleries option along with stories to showcase your products. Plan a series of daily or weekly posts to keep people hooked.

Use videos and tell stories about your product’s uniqueness and authenticity, how satisfied your clients are, how you love what you do, and what’s next for your business.

With the rightInstagram marketing, your dropshipping business can be the next-big-thing on Instagram. All you will need is the (literally) picture-perfect planning. Do it right and you can watch your drop shipping business take up for the stars in no time!

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