11 Reasons Why Knawat Wins Over Oberlo

Have you heard of Knawat? It is a brand new platform being used by hundreds of fashionpreneurs to boost their dropshipping business and maximize their returns.

As the ‘new kid on the block’, it is making waves in the international dropshipping arena and offers some serious advantages over other drop shipping platforms such as Oberto. Here is a list of 11 reasons why you should choose Knawat over all other drop shipping platforms:

#1 Totally Turkish

Knawat offers 100% authentic Turkish products across the world. This is a service that no other drop shipping platform provides. Oberlo (and several other platforms) offer substandard Chinese products imported from Aliexpress. Naturally, for customers who value quality over price, Knawat is the better choice.

#2 Guaranteed Products

Knawat checks and guarantees each and every product it ships. When you sell your product, you know you are giving your client something of value. This doesn’t just satisfy your clients but also helps your business gain massive goodwill as well.

#3 Multiple Platforms

Knawat is available on Woocommerce and Magento. They will soon be available on Shopify as well. No matter which ecommerce platform you use, you can buy Knawat’s quality Turkish products and boost your drop shipping business to the fullest.

#4 Fabulous for Fashionistas

Knawat is dedicated to fashion products. This is our specialty and we are especially good at what we do. When you are looking for quality Turkish fashion products to dropship, you need to look no further than Knawat.

#5 A Source to Bank On

Knawat has one source for all its products. This means you get uniform conditions for commerce and don’t have to worry about varying terms and conditions for each product or item. Naturally, this makes drop shipping with Knawat literally hassle-free.

#6 Start for Free

Knawat offers a free 14-days subscription to help you get your business growing. No other drop shipping platform will give you that. By the time you need to start paying for Knawat’s services, you can easily afford it with the profits you make.

#7 Streamlined Shipping

This one puts Knawat way ahead of all others. If all items are shipped in a single package, the transfer costs are much lesser. This way, you get to save more and invest in expanding your business.

#8 Reach International Markets with Knawat’s Many Languages

At present, Knawat comes in 4 languages – English, Arabic, Turkish, and French. So you can effectively tap into international markets without having to worry about getting lost in translation. Knawat will do that for you.

#9 Auto-Inventory Update

Kawa provides auto-inventory update facility. On other platforms like Oberlo, you need to do this manually. Naturally, the auto-update feature makes the business much more active and enables you to focus on marketing.

#10 Automated Shipping

In Oberlo, you must place all orders manually. ButKnawat does this automatically, which means you don’t have to worry about shipping hassles.

#11 Hi-fi Pictures for Maximum Sales

Knawat products are all shot by pro photographers. As you might be aware, high-resolution photos are a must if you want to attract customers. With our professional photos, you can gain more customers.


It is obvious from the above that anyone looking to dropship fashion products will benefit from Knawat. These advantages are sure to boost your business and take it to new heights. And since Knawat offers 14 days of free service, you can try it absolutely risk-free!