Simply, Why Knawat?

Selling To The World

Deliver orders to your customers with an invoice carrying your store name.

Earn As You Need

Earn As You Need

You will choose how much your profit to be earned and maintain the desired level of income needed.

Help Partner

Help Partners

You can study e-marketing courses and build store from our partners free.

Quality of Service

Our professional team ensures high quality of the service provided to the customers by strong adherence to our quality standards.

Multi Language Product Display

Multi language

Our system supports four main languages Arabic,English,French and Turkish.

Online Store Integration

Store Integration

Integrate with your system or subscribe with our partner to build your store free.

How Knawat Works?

Choose Your Products for your online store

Choose the products from knawat marketplace.

Search our catalog of products and put your profit margin.

Add it to your online store

Export product to your online store

Easily we will update your store catalog and products, in case you haven’t a store, our partners will build one for you and you will receive it in minutes!

Start earning money from online selling

Sell to your customer first, then buy the product from Knawat

You sell the products at retail price, then pay the wholesale price to Knawat . Managing orders from one place saves you time and money.

Supplier ships the product directly to your customer

The supplier ships the product directly to your customer

When you transfer the order to knawat, just pay the wholesale price, and your work is done. The supplier or knawat will ship the product directly to the customer for you with your invoice

Let your customer enjoy online shopping and you earn more

Sell again, Profit again.

The time and money you save in warehousing and fulfillment costs can be spent doing what you do best: finding new product your customers want and selling more of it to them!